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    Flex mobile project standalone flex server resets to J2EE and can not change


      Developing an Android mobile project with FB 4.5. Set original project-->properties-->flex server to standalone with coldfusion as server.  After setting web root, Root URL and Coldfusion root folder app works fine with CF. Sometime during development, flex server gets set to J2EE and CF access halts.  Go back into project-->properties-->flex server and reset server to 'standalone' with original settings.  click Apply or OK and assume that it is reset but it does not.  Go back into flex server settings and it is still J2EE.  I have seen this issue before and can not resolve it or find any other threads where there is a resolution to this.  My only way to continue is to start a new mobile project, import the files and continue.  This is not an acceptable way to design any mobile project!!  HELP!!