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    Cannot Get Text Variable to Read Metadata

    RichardM0701 Level 1



      I am having an issue loading XMP Metadata into a text variable. I have tried the following procedure on two computers and no result (Windows 7, InDesign 5.0 and 5.5)

      Here is the basic procedure:

      1. Create a new InDesign Document.

      2. Navigate to FILE > FILE INFO

      3. When the XMP data appears, place the word "Test", “Test1”, “Test 2”, and “Test 3” in the Document Title, Author, Author Title, and Description fields and push OK. See Screenshot.

      4. Make a text box.

      5. Place the text insert cursor in the text box then go to the menu and open TYPE> TEXT VARIABLES > DEFINE.

      6. Once the dialog box opens, select NEW...

      7. Name the New Text Variable "Author" and select "METADATA CAPTION" for TYPE: and "AUTHOR" for METADATA: then push OK.

      8. Press the INSERT button to place the new "Author" text variable into the text box.


      Every time I get a <no intersecting link> indication. Can someone help me figure out what I’m doing wrong here?


      Region Capture.pngRegion Capture1.pngWindow Captur3e.png