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    Mac Pro and Premier Pro: Will CUDA Help Me?

    jasonvp Level 3

      Hey folks -


      I'm a complete and absolute neophyte when it comes to the technologies offered by Adobe as far as video editing.  I'm not a pro by any stretch, I've just sort-of found that my video editing needs and desires aren't fullfilled well by the "home" video software.  I've thus far been using Apple's Final Cut Express to do my work, but am looking to move into 64-bit editing so that I can better use the RAM in my Mac Pro.  I tried to make Final Cut Pro X work for me, but there were a couple of features I used in FCE that aren't available in the new Pro version.


      That got me to trying Premier Pro.  I'm playing with the 30-day trial right now, and I like what I see.  'Tis a bit expensive, but I might be able to eat that without a problem.  I have a question: for what little I'm doing, will CUDA actually help?  My workflow goes something like this:

      1. Import AVCHD from my Sony camera
      2. Import WAV file from my hand-held recorder
      3. Merge/sync sound and video up
      4. Cut extraneous bits off beginning and end of video
      5. Export to h.264/MP4


      I do that 4 times after a race track session (in-car track videos).  Anything that stops me from working annoys the snot out of me.  It appears as though if I properly order the work with Premier Pro, I can prevent the software from having to render anything until it's actually time for export.  And since PPro comes with the media conversion software that takes care of the exporting, queueing up my existing video while I start working on the next one is perfectly doable.


      I like it.


      Now... with that list above, will CUDA help at all?  I see that with the Mac Pro, the only (reasonably priced) nVidia card supported is the older GTX285.  I can still find those on EBay, but... is it worth it?


      Thoughts?  Thanks!