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    Tip : AS3 Libraries and mobiles applications

    Rangora Level 3

      This is a quick tip.


      If you need to serialize AS objects to XML (and deserialize), you will probably look for an existing library for ActionScript. You must know that the major part of those libraries aren't made for mobiles applications.


      Those libraries will usualy work on Android but might crash your application if you deploy for iOS. This is usualy because the library try to use IO methods.


      I tried asx3m and it crashes on iOS.


      I suggest you to use FlexXB. This one worked for my project. Unfortunately, you will have to add anotations in your classes or create custom marshallers.


      I also tried to use Blooddy crypto library to encode JPEG (this library is way faster than Adobe one). It works well on Android, but it crashes on iOS. The md5 hasher of this library is also unstable on mobiles devices (but work well in the Flex Emulator). On Android, the first hash is not accurate. You must hash 1 time to "initialise" the hash. On iOS, the hash is never accurate.


      Libraries that are not made for mobiles should be avoid when possible, even if they offer nice features. If you are forced to use one, I suggest you to check the sources to see if they try to call IO methods.


      Have fun coding!