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    What is active and what is inactive in FLASH CS5.5 AS3?


      There is a link to an iOS page in adobe beta that tells you what works.


      The problem is so many developers are asking the same questions over and over again.


      I believe that your forums and documents fail to say things such as maps api not supported in CS5.5 even though we said it was going to be.


      Native windows access is important and this has been overlooked as well.


      The only real benefit from CS5 to CS5.5 is that you can access the camera properly.


      Is Adobe/Apple going to fight because Apple hates the ease with which a developer can get an app into the store WITH FLASH?


      I have tested many apps for research into my own.


      The following terms and conditions stated in the developer program are false and should be REMOVED OR ENFORCED:


      Apple states that any app with inaccurate data will not be accepted. I can name several apps quite easily that fail geolocation in different hemispheres as the math is wrong. Fishing by HuntFishTracker.com is a great example of this. This app also fails as when the data is loaded in large quantities the app fails as the lists get to big for it to handle. XCODE.


      Another app that many pay for and should not is the Accuweather app as it shows incorrect data about moonphases which means that the geolocation is a failure.


      How do I know? I used my maths and IT degrees and built an app to test against certain data. They fail. Therefore it can be assumed that of all the geolocation apps that only 10% may be accurate and the rest is because the punter believes what he sees is true.


      Also, unless you are near traffic lights, then your maps reception and interactivity with a server may be false. You must get mobile broadband to ensure range. This should be built into the phone. It is a miniature modem that extends the phones wifi reception range as many functions rely on a combination of 3G and WI-FI.