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    I want to create page that will recreate it self with image uploader

    joplateau Level 1


      Does any one knows how I could create client side page that would always recreate it self when a new clients signs up and become a member to my blog site, so they could manage and add friends to their page and upload image to their album? The idea is to have pages added like it is on Facebook, when a member signs up.

      If a server side software is needed in order to achieve this goal; what type of server side software do I need for this design? Please contact me if you have any idea.

      I would also like to receive any information on where to find ASP VBScrip Image Uploader that will help visitors upload images to my site.

      I have done with other parts of my web design, these two ideas is all I need to finish. Your help is appreciated immensely.