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    FC Crashes and enjoys using 1 GB of RAM

    edsager Level 1

      Hello All,


      I am creating an interactive timeline and have imported artwork from Illustrator, optimized many of the vector graphics (still need to edit some of the vectors, so I do not want to optimize all yet), and I keep the size of the resulting SWF below 1 MB.


      When opening my little project (FXP size = 100 kb), Flash Catalyst starts using up to 750 MB of RAM.  This is fine with the computer because it has 8 GB of DDR3 1333MHz RAM.


      FC eventually gets up to 960 MB when I am saving the little file and usually crashes.


      I am using CS5 on a Windows 7 Pro 64-bit machine.


      Any ideas why this might be occurring and how to prevent it?