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    Flex Mobile 4.5.1: Package contents and URLLoader


      On Flash for web and desktop (Projector debugger), one can use a URLLoader to load local URLs (eg files off your hard drive).  This is very useful for some development purposes, as you just need to make sure any external files (JSON & PNG) are in the same relative path as the SWF, and you then don't need to worry about different code paths whether you're loading these external files from local storage or http.  URLLoader operates the same whether loading locally or remotely.


      Is there any way to easily get the same behavior on a Flex Mobile 4.5.1 app (specifically for an iOS target)?  Again, this is useful because in my live app, these external files will be loaded from our web server, but for testing purposes I would like to be able to run in a server-less mode and include them with the deployed debug IPA file.  My first problem is that I cannot seem to figure out how to deploy these files to the application in the first place - I tried adding my external-files folder to the Flex Build Path as an additional Source folder, but they still don't show up under the Package Contents for iOS tab.


      Any ideas?  Are there any include-extra-files-in-package options in the -app.xml? 


      Or is there no way to use URLLoader for local storage on mobile, and I am stuck with using Embed?  (I guess besides Embed I could manually deploy the files to the iOS file system and use the AIR api for access, but that's still a different code path, defeating my goal - we have a decent bit of code built around the idea that URLLoader is agnostic)