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    flash builder 4.5 code completion doesn't show public function

    Starlover_jacob Level 1



      I am migrating from flex3 to flash builder 4.5 and it shows a question mark at one of my lines.

      No errors, and the code works fine when i run it.. only there is no code completion in flash builder.

      My code:


      //i use a custom component like this:

      <generalmenu:menu x="59" y="58" id="mymenu"/>


      //this component loads its functions from a separate as(no class just simple as code) file (so i don't have all code in the file with visual components)

      <fx:Script source="menusource.as"/>


      //inside menusource.as there is a function that takes care of closing my app.

      public function closeprogram():void
           //closing window goes here


      my problem..

      when i type inside my function at application level:


      i get a question mark in front of it: Call to a possibly undefined method closeprogram


      code completion doesn't recognize my public functions inside the mymenu component, it does see mymenu but when i hit .(dot) it doesn't give me a list of functions.


      How can i get code completion to work? Are there changes in the way you call as files in flash builder 4.5? Please some help.. code completion makes life much better.