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    Flex for iPad print document

    Valery Pesetski


      I'm looking for availability to print generated document from my iPad (Flex SDK 4.5.1);


      Standard PrintJob class is not working there.

      As alternative way I've tried to generate PDF file but I can't open it on device.


      filez = File.userDirectory.resolvePath('myFile.pdf');
      var f:FileStream = new FileStream();
      f.open( filez, FileMode.WRITE);
      var bytes:ByteArray = pdf.save( Method.LOCAL );


      nothing happend.


      than I've tried to open this file in browser:


      navigateToURL(new URLRequest(filez.nativePath));


      nothing happend.


      What I have now - is availability to make screenshot ant print it via AirPrint in iPad, but I'm still looking for availability to print a document with 2 or more pages.

      Any Ideas here ?