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    2 PC's, different behaviour, How can I fix it?




      I have a PDF doc, with a 'Submit by Email' button.


      I understand Adobe Reader cannot submit a completed PDF but only the data as XML - I got that bit.


      However, on one PC, when user clicks submit button, they are asked which mail client they wish to use, and when they choose Outlook, an XML doc is atteched.


      On the other PC, clicking submit button brings up a 'Save As' dialogue asking where to save the XML file.  (If you save the XML doc, the email client does not then pop up).



      Both PC's have Outlook installed.

      Outlook is set as the default mail client in [Control Panel / Internet Settings]

      I did not design the PDF, it has been sent to my users.




      Any assistance greatly appreciated.

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          Sam878 Level 1

          Two things that come to mind....

          1) The first PC generated the question "which e-mail client" implying that it has two e-mail clients installed. Does the second PC have the same two e-mail clients installed? Perhaps the Save As behavior is somehow being overridden by the question related to the e-mail clients?


          2) Are both PC's running the same version of Windows (including updates and patches)? On my Windows XP, I have to set the default e-mail client in two places. The first place is the one you mentioned (Control Panel/Internet Options). The second place is: Right-click on the Start button, select Properties, select Customize button.


          Don't know if either of these will help -- just some other things to check.