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    AF CS5 project now running so slow


      I have a AR project runing a new HP Pavilion

      dv7 (i7 1 TB ATI graphics + 8Mb ram) laptop. My project

      used to take about 5 hr to render...now the same project after reopening

      takes 24hrs - it looks fine but super slow - clearly I have changed something in AF CS5 - but I am

      not sure where to look?


      I have saved the project change 3 or 4 times (minor text chages) but are at a loss

      to see what I may have done and the reason for the change in speed.


      I have not changed the Preferences - I dont have a walcom tablet .

      Maybe reinstall AF...



      thnx in advance


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          Gazzzzzzzz Level 1

          I noticed that

          Include: Project Link
          Specifies whether to include information in the output file that links to the source After Effects project. When you open the output file in another application, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, you can use the Edit Original command to edit the source project in After Effects.

          I did use Prem CS5 the other day?  Perhaps the link is updating Prem files even through it's not running ??

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            Gazzzzzzzz Level 1

            Hi Guys,

            I have reinstalled AF - no change .....scratching my head


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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              If nothing has changed, then one thing to check would be to see if your jard disk is filling up. Full hard disks lead to much slower performance.


              See this page for many resources on improving performance.

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                Gazzzzzzzz Level 1

                Hi Todd,

                Thank you

                It's a brand new HP with a 1.5TB HD and only CS5 on the laptop - plenty of space

                I have unistalled and reinstalled AF and updated it


                Some quick questions - if I may

                1) Can the AF project file be purged (recheck AF finds all the files and relink all relevant files?)

                2) It is either my Laptop has failed (Photoshop 64 runs fine) or I have some how corrupted the Project file?

                3) Is there a benkmark AF Project I can run against my laptop to see if is within spec?

                4) The last thing I did was run Prem Pro and output to an Mp4


                The Project was fine and taking 5hrs - now it's the Est time is taking 30-40 hours?

                I tested an earlier version of the project and it has the same problem


                Not sure where to look at the moment



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                  Gazzzzzzzz Level 1

                  Will run the options around "Remove items from a project" and see if that fixes the project and speed.

                  I did replance some assest (Jpg) so maybe the app can't find the assests


                  http://help.adobe.com/en_US/AfterEffects/9.0/WS3878526689cb91655866c1103906c6dea-7fa7a.htm l




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                    Gazzzzzzzz Level 1

                    I think the issues has been solved - My render performance is now back to normal.

                    Did a full virus check ..revealed nothing.  


                    So I tried to get Windows 7 to self check.  Go to:

                    Start>Control Panel>System and Security>Find and fix problems


                    When I ran this function/utility it showed a range of small applets that were running at start up and gave me the option to turn them off.

                    They did not appear in the task bar, or anywhere too visible - so it was difficult to see they were running - even CPU and events cycles looked ok.  I know all notes always say turn off all applications however these were hidden. Anyway I turned off prettty much everything accept Virus protection and the machine sprang to life - dialog boxes seemed faster the machine seemed to react faster than before. So a short test render and the times are OK. Obviously the i7 CPU's were bogged down somewhere - sounds simple I know, but it almost always is. Anyway if AF is running super slow - this may help someone else.