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    Captivate Video into Indesign

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      Good Morning!


      I've been given the task of updating our company's help text from an old school HAT to Adobe Indesign. We decided to go this route because you can make the documents interactive and incorporate video. However, I've looked everywhere and I don't see any tutorials on integrating a Captivate video into your Indesign document. Can anyone here tell me if that's possible and, if so, where I can learn how to make it happen?




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          I have tried it once, with InDesign CS5 but because I couldn't get it to be functional, I converted the InDesign document to a PDF and inserted the CP-SWF's in the PDF. That is of course not the same as what you want since you want to have an interactive InDesign doc.


          This is an interesting question, think I should try again and be back if and when I have an answer. Or perhaps someone else has already tried this out?