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    Pixel fonts get blurred only when published

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      Hey Guys -

      I have a Flash Catalyst CS5.5 project with pixel fonts. The font looks great (very sharp and crisp) both in the project on the stage and when I "run" the file. Once the project is published however, the pixel font seems to be "smoothed" or aliased and does not look nearly as good. I did not have this problem in Flash Catalyst CS5. The site has been up for a year and looked great, but after updating to Flash Catalyst CS5.5 and tweaking the site to add new links, now suddenly the pixel fonts look bad when published.


      Again, everything looks great until the site is published, so I think the problem is in the way the site is published from the new version of Catalyst. I have tried to edit the HTML and the javascript files but I can't find the correct place where it addresses smoothing the font. BTW - the font is embedded. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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          architect220 Level 1

          Well the problem isn't in Catalyst CS 5.5 - it's in Flash Builder 4.5. When I opened my project in Builder to create a better preloader using some files prepared by Bear, I was able to create the preloader, but at the cost of making my pixel font look horrible. The new text rendering in Flash Builder 4.5 alters the appearance of some embedded fonts and this is apparently very difficult to change. I have tried various things - like changing embedAsCFF=true to "false" and adding a line in the Main.css to prevent advanced antialiasing - but builder gives warnings when I do this. Builder 4.5 will not even allow embedAsCFF to be set to false. The file would still run after adding advancedAntiAliasing = false to Main.css and the font looked good when run from Builder, but then the project file won't open back up in Catalyst after changing this code. This has become a nightmare now and I finally ended up going back to Catalyst CS5 and abandoning a better preloader for now so I can have my fonts( which are a huge part of the aesthetics of my site) look like they were intended to look. I have read that someone has had success by changing renderingMode.Normal rather than renderingMode.CFF, but I cannot find this reference anywhere in the code in Builder and I have no idea where to put it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.