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    another OOS question

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      I'm using Premiere Pro CS5.  I've captured an hour of HD footage and the result is a 12 gig mpeg.  There are no OOS issues with this file.


      What I want to do is to export the entire file as a smaller .mp4  file that I can then edit into 5-7 minute files for web distribution.  I've exported the file and sometimes it works perfectly but other times the audio is out of synch.  I have observed that this can be caused by dropped frames as well as the camera operator shutting off the camera and then turning it back on at a later point.


      I quite new at this and really I'm just hoping someone can give me some guidance. I've searched the forum but it seems that there are multiple reasons for OOS issues. If anyone can help out, I'd appreciate it.  Specifically, is there something I can do to avoid dropped frames?  Is there an export preset that someone can recommend?


      The problem occurs when I export this file using these settings:

      Format: H.264

      Preset: YouTube Widescreen SD


      I leave everything else the same, except for the Frame rate.  The default is 30 and I set it to 29.97 to match the footage.


      Let me know what you think.




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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Always do your editing on the original footage, don't try and convert it to something else first.

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            JMH5110 Level 1

            Thanks Jim!  Unfortunately, that doesn't solve my immediate problem.  I work at an educational resource center and I have to get this footage (the entire hour) in a smaller format to burn on a DVD and distribute it to content experts so they can watch it and tell me where the edit points are.  If I send it out with OOS issues, I'm just asking for trouble.


            I had intended to edit the .mp4 because I thought it would be easier and quicker to work with a 1 gig file then a 12 gig file, but if you think it's best to edit the original footage, then that's what I'll do.



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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Compressing 12Gig down to 1Gig throws away 11/12 of the data... and that data may not be restored if you use the 1Gig file for editing

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                For review purposes, you should try CS Review.  It puts the video up online, where those who you share it with can review it and make comments right from their browser.  Those comments then show up right in your sequence, on the very same frame the reviewer was looking at when the comment was made.

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                  JMH5110 Level 1

                  Thanks for you responses! I will definitely look into CS Review. I queued up 4 videos and let Media Encoder compress them last night after I left work and everything turned out fine. Apparently I was pushing my machine too much by trying to compress the files while I was also working with Flash and Photoshop. I think that was causing the dropped frames and audio issues.




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                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                    It's unlikely that was the issue.  Export is not a realtime process that will "drop frames" if the computer is busy doing something else.  I do something else all the time during exports.