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    AE Comps in Premiere


      I've been cutting a project in Premiere with the intention of color-grading the final version in AE. While I go along I'll do the occasional effects shot using "Replace With After Effects Composition" then go back to Premiere and continue cutting.

      The problem I'm getting is when I bring my Premiere timeline into AE to my grade, all my replaced AE comp clips are offline. The only solution I've been able to come up with is to replace each of the "missing" clips in AE manually. This negates the convenience of moving between Premiere and AE.

      Anyone have any suggestions or am I just digging myself into a hole?

      Samuel Hall

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          Pharther Phurther Level 1

          Mac User?

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            mrsamhall Level 1

            Yes. Sorry. Should have mentioned that. Is that the issue?

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              Pharther Phurther Level 1

              Sam .. Check my other posts to see if there is anything helpful .. and try to be more detailed .. I may be able to help.


              I have had issues for months .. just recently got it working ..

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                mrsamhall Level 1



                I've read some of your other posts and I don't believe we're having the same issue.


                My issue comes up only in AE when I import my Premiere project (either by File>Import, Dyanmic Link or Copy & Paste). All the normal clips appear fine in AE but the clips that had been replaced with AE comps are just color bars with the ".aep" extension.


                I'm running Premiere Pro & After Effects CS5 on a 2.93 GHz iMac, 4GB Ram.



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                  ScottieB1 Level 1

                  This may or may not help but I've found I have the best results with Dynamic Link (least random problems) if I let Premiere initiate everything. What I mean is with Premiere open and AE not running, do the "Replace with AE Comp" thing from the timeline, and let Premiere open AE and make a new project. Save this project (I prefer to use the same name) and you should be good to go.


                  In general I prefer to open Premiere first and then open AE from there if I need to use Dynamic Link during the session - even if the projects already exist. Might just be superstition but it's worked for me. I had more issues when I was less "careful" about how I let the apps 'link up'.

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                    Pharther Phurther Level 1

                    My solution for Dynamic Link problems in Premiere Pro also includes first opening "Linked Compositions" that already exist in a saved project from a previous AE session ( Using "Edit Original" on a highlighted linked composition ) first before adding more linked compositions.


                    I discovered that if I didn't, the linked compositions would not be the same as the original.


                    In my case, if AE opened ( via adding a linked composition from PP ) and a "Save File As" dialog box appeared .. the new file would overwrite the previously   linked compositions .. regardless of using a new filename.


                    Also .. If I used a number in the filename ( as in  " ball 3 " ) .. AE would crash .. then PP would crash.


                    Adobe Tech support and the Forums have acknowledged that this filename problem occurs in AE.


                    Note: I have been schooled from another Forum user that the number filename issue could be related to another problem I have had in Encore after building DVDs .. but have yet to experiment.

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                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                      Dynamic Link is sort of a round trip type of thing.  PP to AE back to PP.  You can't add a third leg to that trip by going back to AE a second time.


                      Between the native tools and Colorista, why not just do your grading right in PP?

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                        mrsamhall Level 1

                        It sounds like Dynamic Link isn't going to be useful for me in this situation which unfortunately makes PP less useful to me as well. There are certain things that I do in my grading that can't be done in PP.


                        I had been hoping that the interplay between PP and AE would help streamline my AE-heavy projects and encourage me to move away from FCP 7. Perhaps future versions of PP and AE will allow for me to go back and forth the way I'd like but until then I think it makes more sense for me to stick with my existing workflow.


                        Thanks for the response.

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                          Jeff Bellune Level 5

                          Don't forget about exporting a DI from Pr for color grading in AE.  I don't know if that would be an easier workflow than replacing the individual clips in the Pr sequence.



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                            Pharther Phurther Level 1

                            I am going back and forth with no problems .. for now. It is imperative that the previous AE linked compositions are opened in PP first before adding more .. as I mentioned earlier.

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                              mrsamhall Level 1

                              So are you saying that as long as I start in PP, open the AE comps through PP and then copy & paste (or import) my PP timeline into a new comp, in the same project as the "replaced" clip comps, then everything should show up?

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                                Jim_Simon Level 8

                                Nope, you'll still get the bars.

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                                  Pharther Phurther Level 1

                                  If you are using clips in PP that need to be sent to AE ... use dynamic link "Replace Clip with AE Composition"  ..


                                  AE will ask for a "Save As" new filename.


                                  That filename is your 'anchor' to all dynamic links between PP and AE.


                                  You can continue to go back and forth between PP and AE with no problem as long as you never quit either application.


                                  If you do quit either app .. you must start PP first .. and then open a previous 'linked composition' FIRST .. via "Open Original" .. which should start up AE.


                                  AE should open with the linked composition ready to be edited.


                                  If AE asks for a new filename .. something went wrong .. and you will lose your 'dynamic link'.


                                  NOTE: One issue I hate is that once you send a clip to AE .. it stays in PP as a "linked composition" and you can't ever revert it back to an original .. which seems very illogical that Adobe did not see this in the design of the feature.

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                                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                                    That's not what's being asked here, though.


                                    The OP has a PP sequence.  In that sequence are DL'd comps.  He then wants to bring that PP sequence back into AE for some CC work.  He's not continuing to adjust the same comps, he wants to create a new comp containing the PP sequence, which contains the original comps.  This creates something of a 'feedback loop' and AE throws up the standard bars image to show that media is missing.

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                                      Pharther Phurther Level 1

                                      Oh .. My workaround for that is to send it out to the Media Encoder with the "Match Sequence" setting and then import it back to PP .. then to AE via DL.


                                      I have done it quite a bit without any change in quality .. as far as I can tell.

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                                        ScottieB1 Level 1

                                        Yeah once you go back and forth a few times exporting movies seems to be the "best" bet - although not ideal. Just make sure you are set up to render using a decent codec - by default Premiere likes to use MPEG i-frame for many formats - I prefer to use ProRes HQ or even better to ensure quality stays good during multiple renders.


                                        Sure it isn't ideal, but it's worlds better than we used to have - which was constant exporting and importing.

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                                          tclark513 Level 3

                                          AE does not take everything from Premiere.  There are numerous things that don't come over.

                                          I don't understand how people are bringing entire Premiere projects over without losing things.


                                          P.S.  Copy and paste the clip in Premiere's timeline (track above) before replacing it with an AE comp so you can go back to the original when you need it.

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                                            mrsamhall Level 1

                                            Ok. So what I want to do can't be done. Fair enough.

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                                              These were exactly my thoughts on this as as well and I think it is a better approach. I have not fared well with interchange between PP and AE myself with a super computer and am wondering/looking to see if CS5.5 is operating better for anyone? Also you're operating with such a small amount of RAM, I'd try this approach so as not to stress your system and keep your time spent as productive time...




                                              M. Workman

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                                                Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

                                                Hi Sam


                                                The task actually can be accomplished in a bit different way though...

                                                1. Cut and arrange all footages within PrPro so as to just build the desired timeline

                                                2. Replace PrPro sequence with AE composition so as to apply final colour grading on it

                                                3. Pre-compose every layer you would initially want to replace with AE comp


                                                I completely understand that this workflow is much less convenient you wanted to get.

                                                However, I don't know how to automatically (or within a couple of clicks) update the final AE composition if you keep on cutting clips in PrPro sequence...


                                                P.S. Enjoyed your movies on Vimeo