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    Recording a demonstration in a lighter file format




      I'm working on a rather big project with Captivate 5.5 and I mostly need to record demonstrations. I have all the background images from the recording in the library, and as I was about ot start working on them, I realised each of them had a size of 4.5MB. This is way too big, considering the number of slides my project has. I have noticed when exporting some of those files, that they seemed to be in .bmp format. I know i could take each one of them and edit them to change the file format to .jpg but this would take forever. Is there any way to record a project and have the slide's background in a .jpg format right away?



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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Captivate uses BMP because it's a lossless format.  JPG compression is lossy, which means that you lose some data.  Additionally BMP, or PNG are better formats for capturing screencaptures of software interfaces because the type of compression they DO use works more efficiently with large areas of flat colour (which is what software interfaces tend to have). JPG format compression is designed for photographs and situations where there are gradients and colour changes in both X and Y directions.


          So don't worry about trying to change the format.  How Captivate stores the data in the Library is not the same format it uses when publishing out to SWF.  You can control the final publish quality via the Quality settings on each slide.