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    Help me please.




      This is my first post and coincidently it's my first website


      I've managed to design something half using a template and half using Design view as i'm not great with html or any other code for that matter (which is why I chose a template in first place)


      However i've got the site looking how I want it and i've uploaded it all and everything but the page looks totally wrong compared with how it looks in dreamweaver AND in the preview in "firefox" or IE etc.


      what could be wrong with it making such a huge difference?


      site is www.askam-united.co.uk

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          Bloke Level 1

          Looks like your CSS is still pointing to your hard drive:

          link href="file:///C|/Users/Neil/Pictures/Football/WEBSITE/website/default.css

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            tash_king Level 1

            problem is I used a template of my index.html page for all the other pages and it won't let me alter that as it's greyed out?

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              MurraySummers Level 8

              Change it in the template file.  Save the changed template file and let it update all child pages.  Upload all child pages.

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                tash_king Level 1

                still hasn't fixed my appearance and i'm pretty sure i've done what i'm supposed to?


                one thing it has done tho is make dreamweaver design mode look like the botched site on net.....which i dont want

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                  Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Did you define a local site folder in DW before you began your project?  Without this critical first step, DW cannot manage site links and assets for you.


                  Creating  your first web site in DW CS5 -




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                    garywpaul Level 5

                    Typically once you save the file, the link pointing to your hard drive is changed to the root of your site.


                    If it does not, make sure it is changed in the template, dw should prompt you asking if you want to update child pages.


                    If that does not work, go up to Modify | Templates | Apply Template to Page... that should fix you up.


                    Dont get hung up on how the site looks in DW, it is how it looks out on the net that counts.  Try to rely less on design view and more on split and code view...that will make life easier.


                    Also change this



                    to this



                    You will need to change it in the template




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                      Lon Winters Level 4

                      That means that you've successfully altered the path priously pointed to your hard drive, you still need to include the correct patch from you template to the correct location of the stylesheet. The easiest way would be just go into your template file (note there's a difference between a Dreamweaver template, which is a page in a folder called Templates andnhas a DWT extension, and a design template that you purchse and use it for your site layout). Go into the DW template file and remove the reference to the styles het. Then use Attach Stylesheet to browse to and select the correct CSS file and it will insert the correct path. Save the template file, tell it to update all the pages that are attached to that template and upload them all, as was previously mentioned.   Are you working within a Dreamweaver site sedition? That's the only reason I can think of why you would end up with a patch using you local file system, if you did not have a site definitionnset up. Working within a site definition, DW will correctly write the correct path as they are needed to work on the web server