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    Multi Core Mac Users: Dynamic Link, AE, and Warp Stabilization.

    Pharther Phurther Level 1

      Now that Final Cut X has lost it's edge .. and more Mac users may be migrating .. here is some input :


      Stabilization was the most important 'effect' which prompted me to buy a 12 Core Mac, CoreMelt's Lock & Load Stabilization AE Plug In, and the Adobe Master Suite. Second was the "Multi-Camera" editing.


      Additional purchases ( to solve a sluggish frame rate ) were a NVidia GTX 285 video card, more RAM, and a 4 TB RAID 0.


      Now with my Mac Pro running ( after several issues ) I would like to point out that:


      1.) The "Adobe Stabilization Server" seems to only use one of the cores. It also seems that it is faster without AE  multicore processing enabled. Other effects use half and it seems that some use all. With stabilization very time consuming .. I would hope that Adobe would address this like the multiprocessing 'aerendercore' processes that are seen in the Activity Monitor. I find that the Activity Monitor is one of the most important applications to be aware of ... and for developers who are interested in improving their applications .. a Godsend .. others who would like to bury their performance issues .. a nightmare. So .. a Multi Core Mac may be redundant if you


      2.) If you are having any dynamic link crashes or lost linked compositions ... read my other posts.


      3.) to be cont.