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    CS5 shutting down


      We keep common files on a network harddrive in the same folder.  All three artists are experiencing InDesign issues like shutting down, error messages that say "the book file has been changed by another user or has been updated due to automatic recovery," or another message "cannot open the document (doc name).  You may not have permission or the document may be open already."  The artists are not using the same exact files since they work in separate books, they're just stored in the same folder.  Any idea how to fix or should the files be in separate folders?

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          Stix Hart Level 5

          Are you updated to the latest version?  Updates for Windows are here.  (You need to state your OS as well when asking a question)  There was a sharing problem in 7.0 which was supposed to be fixed in a later patch.


          If that sin't the problem try some basic trouble shooting techniques.  Put the files on your local hard drive and see if you have any problems, also try the different folder thing too.

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            golfbridge Level 1

            OS Windows 7.  We searched for updates first, but will try again.


            Already separted the files by artist rather than off of one root directory to subfolders within one folder.  This seems better.