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    Migrating to Director 11.5 from ver. 9 or 10, developer needed


      Hello everyone;


      I am looking for help in completing the design of our Director 9.02 Dir. 11.5 Migration. On the advice front it seems the biggest issue we are facing is replacing two xtras  (and of course the lingo code that references them, and the data they bring in or out) that no longer exist in Director 11.5, that being the V12 xtra and the Filextra xtra.   Haven't seen anything else that really needs to change.


      We  at Ripple Effects are also looking for a contractor to do the development work/programming on this migration to be completed by end of August, any ideas where I might look or post this contracting position? we are located in the  San Francisco bay area  and can work with remote developers, and will pay market rate compensation for senior engineer level.   I can be reached at: lbrentano@rippleeffects.com


      I appreciate anybody's help on this, and hope this is the right thread.


      Lew B