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    Error Compiling Movie: Unknown Error

    davidbeisner2010 Level 3

      Man, what's it with me and errors recently?? I go from smooth sailing in 5.03 for months and then end up with error after error in PrPro and En!


      This particular error is in exporting a 720p30 AVCHD sequence. I initially tried exporting it as an H.264 using the Vimeo HD preset. That, though, gave me the error "Error Compiling Movie: Unknown Error." Then I attempted an export with the box checked for "Match Sequence Settings" and it gave me an mpeg file that seemed to export ok--no errors. Only I found it was 5:53 instead of the 7:54 that's my sequence length (and no, my WAB is not screwed up). So now I'm thinking I may have an issue with my source footage.


      My source is all images--different sizes, different types. Mostly jpegs (i know, I know, PrPro hates jpegs) with some pngs and even a psd in the mix (It's a "slideshow" to be shown at a rehearsal dinner for my friend's wedding). So anyway, here's where I'm at...


      I dug into the sequence at 5:53 (which is when the mpeg stopped encoding) and found a spot where I had NOT applied the "Scale to Frame Size" on an image that I wanted to have particularly large (it was like 3800x2600 or something like that--well within what I "thought" was the acceptable size for PrPro to manipulate). So, I scaled it to frame size and simply used the scale within the motion effect to get it back up to the size I needed to work with, and tried again on the mpeg render. This time it got to 6:40 out of 7:54. From 6:40 on were the couple's engagement pictures, which I had intentially left large (around 3800x2600) and done some pan and zooms across their faces... Well, I went ahead and scaled all of them to frame size and re-did my animation on them using the scale within the motion effect to get them back up to the size I wanted, and now PrPro is exporting the whole sequence with no issues.


      So, apparently images that are that much bigger than my sequence need to be scaled to frame size first. So, here's my two-fold question:


      What is the maximum percentage above frame size that PrPro can work with (in 5.03 and, if it's been changed, in 5.5), and if the original image was large, will scaling it to frame size and then using the scale within the motion effect degrade the quality of the image? My eyes "think" they can see some degredation, but I'm not sure.


      Thanks! (And if you get that error, try scaling your assets to frame size!)