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    About to lose my mind need help: Uploading to Youtube


      Alright, so here's my issue.

      Adobe Premiere Elements 8


      I want to upload a video to Youtube that not only fills the entire player, but is HD as well.

      I have successfully uploaded HD videos, but they always have black bars on the top, bottom, and both sides of the video, and look horrible.

      I have successfully uploaded full screen videos, but they are always standard definition.


      I've been going at this for about 28 hours now. I'm using the the "Share" function, and I've tried uploading directly to Youtube, making it an Mpeg/Mpeg2/Mpeg4 and putting it on my Desktop before uploading, AVI, and FLV file. Each time I only get one of the settings I desire.  I seem unable to get a full screen HD video to upload.


      So I ask all the more experianced users out there, does anyone know the best file format and or settings to upload a video to Youtube that fills the screen (no black bars) and is HD?


      Thanks in advance.