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    Digital Audio Output - Mac Pro and New OS/CS5.5 Install

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      Hello all...


      I hope I can word this properly - had a hard time with a search.


      For my audio setup with Production Premium I use an external DAC/Amp which connects to the computer via the optical digital output. I have used this setup for years with no issues, including a year of Adobe Production Premium CS5.


      Today I did a fresh install of Snow Leopard, updated to 10.6.8, and then installed (clean) ProductionPremium CS5.5.

      I then set up After Effects, Premiere and the OS to use the "built-in digital output"



      Here is what is strange - and something I never noticed with previous installations - each application seems to take over the output, and then "release" it when I switch apps.


      Let me explain - when the DAC unit gets an audio signal from the optical cable, it makes a small audible click and then a second later the sound comes out of the speakers. With my previous installations, I only heard this click once - when I booted up the computer. After that, the signal stayed locked and I heard everything perfectly.


      With this new installation, I have everything set up the same as far as I can tell, and I get sound, but I get that signal click EVERY TIME I switch apps. Working in Premiere, have sound... switch to After Effects, no sound, then click, then sound again. Switch to Premiere, click again. Switch to finder, click.


      What's worse, is that Premiere seems to lose control because of this. For example, say I start in Premiere, do some edits, then move to AE. I have sound in Premiere, everything is fine. Do some work ini AE, get the click, but all is still fine, but then back to Premiere, I get the click, but no sound, and Premiere won't play anything back. I hit space and the play button in Program view turns to a stop button, but the time indicator doesn't move and I get no playback. If I go in to prefs, change the audio, and then change it back, Premiere works again!


      Besides this headache, I also miss short sounds like system alerts and beeps, because they play before the audio 'locks' in.


      EDITED TO ADD: Just noticed this - if I am running either Premiere or After Effects, in the "Sound" System Preference Pane, I get an option to set the output to "After Effects CS5.5" or "Premiere CS5.5" -- so it seems like the OS is treating is separately and switching when I move between apps - this definitely never happened before!


      This is baflfing to me because I never had this problem before, and I am aware that my setup is probably not very common, but anyone with insight, please help!


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