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    EXIF data stripped on export??


      Why on earth would FW strip a photo's exif data when exporting? Web graphics are sometimes contractually required to retain metadata. This opens users up to liability if they don't realize that a photographer's credit is removed during compression.


      Is there any way to have this reversed??

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          My guess is that it is stripped to reduce the file size. There's no way to reverse this. Adding the metadata to the page markup as a comment should take care of any legal obligations.

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            jugglervr1 Level 1

            unfortunately, simply including credit in the page code is insufficient, as casual copying of images is widespread, and leads to dilution of copyright protections among copyright holders.


            Unfortunately, this turns fireworks from the *best* web compression utility into the *worst*. Because of this snag, which works contrary to every exif-handling best practice in existence, I need to completely re-encode all of the images on a site in question.


            here's hoping CS6 will not act like caveman technology, as CS5 and prior seem to do.  ;-\

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              Linda Nicholls Level 4

              The only way to prevent images from being copied from a web page is to not put them there in the first place. Why not process your images in Photoshop, where there's an option to not strip EXIF data on export?

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                jugglervr1 Level 1

                I'm aware of the fact that image copying is widespread. This is why exif data is often a requirement to inclusion in web-displayed images; it reduces liability of web publishers, because we've done all we can to prevent copyright attribution from being removed from the image. Are you aware that many photographers' contracts stipulate harsh penalties for publishers who remove metadata from provided files?


                Photoshop has 2 problems. The first is that it seems impossible to automate a batch to export a folder of images with "save for web" settings. All my research suggests that it's impossible without digging into actual scripting, rather than relying on actions.


                The second problem is that the fireworks "save for web" option is roughly 40% more efficient than the photoshop method, for comparable compression artifacts. I have no idea why photoshop wouldn't use the more efficient fireworks algorithm, but it simply doesn't.


                In the past I've used imageready, which provided slightly better compression ratios than photoshop, retained all exif data, and allowed the creation of droplets. With the nonsensical removal of imageready from photoshop, and its replacement with the comparatively crippled fireworks (the compression efficiency is nice, no droplets is tolerable, but exif stripping is unforgivable in this day and age), I'm left searching for a product that will serve my needs.

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                  Jim_Babbage Level 4

                  Fireworks does this on export because it's designed to optimize images for the web. If you don't want the exif data stripped, choose Save or Save As rather than export.  Your files will be larger in file size but your exif data should be maintained.



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                    jugglervr1 Level 1

                    Exif data is comparatively tiny. When a 300kb jpg is compressed to 180kb by fireworks's superior compression algorithms, i'm not worried about an extra 5k for the exif.


                    I, and people in the know, would appreciate a toggle, so we can decide on our own whether or not to remove vital information from our photo assets.

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                      Jim_Babbage Level 4

                      As a teacher, photographer and web designer I'd like to think I'm one of those people. You do have a choice as I said in my previous post. Choose Save or Save As to retain exif data. If I recall, you are even given the choice of retaining exif data via a check box (Save XMP) when you choose Save As.