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    Conditional ItemRenderer for a specific cell in Flex 3 DataGrid

    Sagar MJ

      I am trying to enable an image in just one of the cells (in a specific row only) in the Flex Datagrid when there is a data change in the datagrid row as the row is editable.

      I am struggling to figure out how to achieve this as I need to do the following steps (and I hope my assumptions are correct).


      I need to get the cell's itemRenderer (and I don't know how) then assign a itemRenderer dynamically which will enable the save image and text on the first column of that specific row only when the user changes data on that row and once the change is detected the save image should appear automatically on the first column along with the text. I don't want to apply that itemRenderer on the whole column...is that possible in the first place and if so how?


      Till now I have realized that the itemRenderer acts on the whole column and not a specific cell but is there a way to apply it just on a specific cell?


      At the same time I would like to do this through the ActionScript as that's how I have assigned my itemRenderer at runtime based on a condition.