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    from local to global

    CyrusZei Level 1

      Hi, wish you guys can help me out.


      I am fallowing this http://golive.info/devnet/flex/testdrivemobile/articles/mtd_1_4.html tutorial, but i sort of got stuck.


      The thing i want to do is make my app connect to an remote mysql db. It works on the Localhost, but when I want to move it so that it will connect to beta.komchhamta.com/testdrive I get stuck. The tutorial don't say what is local and what is remote so I'm hoping that you guys can help me out.

      (Ihave been googleing and asking and this is sor of my last hope)


      here is a picture I made to clear things out http://beta.komochhamta.com/help.jpg


      I know  I have to change some text, but I can't read what file to upload (I might be programming blind by now).


      Anyone maybe have an video on how they did it ? would  be nice