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    Multiple instances of chm file

      I have crearted Robohelp project with merged help. When I click on one of the help topics in the chm output file, it launches a new instance of the help file (a new instance of chm file) Any idea what setting I'm missing in Robohelp?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi psk_rh an welcome to the RH community.

          Do you mean that when you click on a topic in the TOC that the topic opens in ne window? If so, I seem to remember that is do to the window being used in the single source layout. I think it is specifically caused where the default window was created when the default single source layout was other than Microsoft HTML Help. Try deleting the current window and adding another one whilst Microsoft HTML Help is your default single source layout. Then ensure this window is selected in the properties of your single source layout.
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            psk_rh Level 1
            That works! Thanks a lot for the quick reply, :)