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    Windows 7, P Pro CS 5.5 Playback stops - seems audio related


      Trying to graduate to Premiere Pro from Elements...


      When I try to preview a clip or the timeline, the playback stops after about 1 second... however, I can scrub the clip with audio no problem....


      running Windows 7 64 bit

      8 GB Ram

      HD I'm using has over 200 GB of free space

      ATI Radeon HD 4600 - updated the driver after having this problem...


      - I've tried multiple video sources from AVCHD to quicktime, to the sample videos that came with Windows - low res, high they all stop after 1 second


      Looked hard on this forum for any possible help... seems to be a common problem on Mac, but... not Windows.


      Thanks for any help.

      POST SCRIPT - on a whim seemed to recall that someone suggested that the Realtech driver could be a problem - didn't make sense when I read it - I disabled the audio drivers and bang everythings good - except the minor problem of not hearing anything - any suggestions?