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    what presets and format for sharing is best to use on HD project?

    beavertonron Level 1

      I have been working on a Premiere Elements project for the past several weeks, and it is my first, obviously.  I have spent many hours on the phone with Adobe techs and every one has said something completely different and contrary to what i had been told before.


      Several issues i have.


      1.  No one seems to say the same as to what preset is best.  I have taken the pictures from files from Photoshop from my DSLR camera, so i used the preset of DSLR 1080p30@29.97 which i assumed was the appropriate to get HD quality of photographs of a special vacation.  There have been suggestions that i use a HDV preset instead.  What would be the right preset?

      2.   I completed the project, ending up with 45GB and planned to burn it to a blu ray disc.  As soon as i put in a disc and filled out the options, i went for a H.264 1920x108iNTS Dolby, and it said there was no media, in the share panel for burning the blu ray.


      3.  Then i tried to burn it to a windows folder instead, and used MPEG2 102-x1080i30 because i want to maintain as much HD quality to the photos as i can.

      And 5% into the download, a pop-up appeared saying i was running extremely low in memory, and to save and proceed cautiously.  If i used AVI i assumed that would be standard videos.  I have a HP p6320 Phenom II x 4 820 Processor 2.8 GH, with 8 GB of RAM.  I have a TB of hard disk space and use Windows 7.


      so now i have what i think is a finished project, and don't know how to get it the blu ray or a way that i could eventually get it to a blu ray.  So near yet so far!!!!


      4. The time to upload the project after rebooting etc. is taking longer and longer, now in the vicinity of 30-40 minutes.  What is causing this problem?

      And i see 'Adobe Premier Elements 9 is not responding' more and more often, and the time with the swirling green circle  with 'wait for the program to respond' is becoming the regular occurrence rather than the odd happening.


      What am i doing or what is going wrong?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Hopefully i have given enough information for some lights to go off?  Obviously i am a super novice, but i am getting very frustrated, with a project that started off being so much fun.  I would like to draw it to a conclusion!