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    Saving pdf files for filling later


      I am a consultant.

      I fill pdf forms from government websites.

      Clients dont always provide all the required info so I need to return to a partially filled pdf later but Reader 10 does not allow saving.

      I can save the document as an empty file.

      What can I use to open these pdf files, partially fill and return later to complete while saving every time?

      I have a legal copy of Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard that came with my Fujitsu scanner but have not installed it yet.

      Would that do what I need?

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Acrobat 8 Standard will allow you to save filled-in forms. There may be some backwards compatibility, particularly with XFA forms (a newer type of PDF form), which you will be likely to encounter with government forms. Acrobat 10 (Standard or Pro) will be the most compatible.


          Note that some forms may be Reader-enabled, which will allow you to save a filled-in form with Reader.


          Also, some non-Adobe PDF viewers (e.g., Foxit Reader, Nitro PDF Reader) allow saving filled-in forms, even if they have not been Reader-enabled. The problem is there are two types of XFA forms, static and dynamic. Some don't support dynamic forms, and they may not provide the complete support for the various forms features that Acrobat/Reader do. They provide better support for native PDF forms (acroforms), those created with Acrobat.

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            I have the same issue and hope you have resolved this or found a work around.

            Merely saving the completed form is not the same as being able to reopen (a partially completed) form and continue to edit at a later stage.