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    Printing graphics problem for Advanced data grid component on Flash player versions 10.2 and above.


      Printing graphics problem is persist for Advanced data grid component for flash palyer 10.2 and above versions. Printing works fine with the Normal DataGrid component for all the versions of Flash player.

      In case of Advanced-DataGrid component, graphics do not show up while printing for the column for which we are using item renderer to render the images/icons. Advanced datagrid Column gets printed with empty space.

      I have tried this by creating sample application. This issue is not only specific to Internet Explorer 7.x but i can see this on all the available browsers like Mozilla, IE etc.


      While going through the Adobe Jira, i found one bug similar to this- @http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FP-6805. I have uploaded one sample application alongwith swf files with this bug.


      Any pointer/information regarding this issue will be helpful.