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    Need recommend to build MB + CPU + VGA ....a question from Vietnam


      1st, sry my E is not good...

      My job is working with 60% Pr 40% Ae (full HD)

      I need recommend to help me choose 3 option


      CPU + MB (in VN they same price)

      1.   i7 950 + X58

      2.   i7 2600 + p8z68

      3.   2xE5520 + asus Z8NA (2nd)


      VGA (in VN they same price)

      1.   GTX 570

      2.   Nivida Quadro 1800 (because quadro 2000,3800,4800.. all supported is very difficult to buy it in VN) Quadro1800 can be GPU hacked ? (2nd)


      My PSU 750W

      RAM DDR3 Gskill buss 1333 4x4gb


      a question from Vietnam, need to help so much

      Thanks alot


      Waitting for Harm recommend