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    After Effects capable of fixing a small flaw in a film transfer? Spec of dust in fixed location.

    msp1518 Level 1

      I've got a conundrum. My first short film was shot on Super16. I have a 35mm blow-up print from the A/B/C rolls. I have no transfer, other than VHS from Avid (yuck).


      Transferring from the original Super16 is considerably more expensive than from a 35mm print. The problem is, my 35mm print has a slight flaw.


      There must have been a spec of dust or something on the glass when the blowup took place because a tiny spot is visible all the way through. It was not noticed until it was projected on a very large screen for the first time (at the 2002 NY International Film Festival). I saw it and on a movie theater screen, it was not distracting. Most screens have tiny spots anyway. But no doubt, the flaw is there. Other screenings had it as well.


      So is there anything in After Effects (or another CSP ProdPremium program) that would allow me to 'fix' or minimize that flaw? 


      I know that artifacts or flaws that appear on a single frame can be fixed. That's been done for over a decade now. But can a small flaw that is there in a fixed location the entire time be 'erased' via modern methods?


      I have CS5 Production premium and my PC has considerable horsepower. For all I know I have the tools to do this. But beng an amateur, what the heck do I know?  :huh:


      Good gravy, it would be amazing if there was a way to at least minimize the flaw, as I have long wanted to transfer my first short film.