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    Export same flex app to mobile and desktop


      Hi Is there any way as of today, to create a flex app and export the same app to moble platform as well as desktop , with little or no additional work ?

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          saisri2k2 Level 4

          Yes, that is possible only if all the apps are accessing internet and get the data.(if you want to store something locally, then you have to write additional logic to sync data with the SQL lite of the mobile/desktop and the web server).


          In our project, we create a librarry which has all the UI component, then we added this library to the desktop project & Web project and import the components. There is a little work if you want to do a mobile project as the views are completely different when compared to the desktop or web. To conclude, Yes, it is possible to use the same code for all the platforms! Hope this helps.


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            Abhay_flex Level 1

            Library of UI components, you mean custom UI of your app ? But as you indicated, views for mobile and desktop project are different, so they may not be re-used. Rest of the code, like action script classes etc can be bundled, I guess, and reused in both desktop and mobile app. But even in that case, all that work will be manual, I suppose.

            - create a flex mobile project and a dexktop project

            - create separate UI for both

            - link the ( possibly ) same custom actionscript library to both projects

            - build


            Does that sound right ?