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    How can I change the chm encoding?


      Hello everybody!


      I'm using RoboHelp9 (Version to create chms for a context-sensitive help.

      The htm-topics are UTF-8 encoded, that's fine, but the chm ist Windows 12.52 encoded, an encoding that doesn't work for our purposes because special characters in other languages cannot be displayed correctly.


      Can anybody tell me what to do, so that chms are also created with an UTF-8 encoding?


      Thank you very much!



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          Jeff_Coatsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't think you can because CHMs are dependant on the really old Microsoft HTML Help Workshop. I suspect the limitations come from that, not from anything you do in RH.

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            Louisa_de Level 1

            Hi Jeff!


            Thanks for your answer!


            The thing is


            1) it used to be possible to generate UTF-8 encoded chms with RoboHelp 7 (although I don't know how, otherwise I could maybe adapt that process for RoboHelp 9), but I've seen them.


            2) It must be possible to encode chms with something else than Windows 1252, because that encoding only includes so called Western European characters. So you definetely need a different encoding for Slavic, Asian or Arabic languages etc.



            Has anybody found a workaround?

            I'm sure some of you are creating chms in German, French, Spanish, Czech, Japanese etc. Do you just leave them encoded in Windows 1252?

            If so, how do you compile them when you're creating an in-procu context sensitive help?



            I'd be very greatful for any hints!