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    Adobe Reader MSP-Updates Order 9.4.2 ...9.4.5



      I want to make sure, to understand this site correctly:



      I have the situation of an installed Adobe Reader 9.4.1


      Can I now distribute like this:

      First 9.4.2 Quarterly AdbeRdrUpd942_all_incr.msp, 8.2.2011

      Second 9.4.5 Quarterly AdbeRdrUpd945_all_incr.msp, 14.7.2011

      per msiecec.


      I leave out these two:

      9.4.3 Security AdbeRdrUpd943_all_incr.msp, 21.3.2011 >> nicht nötig

      9.4.4 Security AdbeRdrUpd944_all_incr.msp, 21.4.2011  >> nicht nötig


      Thanks for anwsering.



      p.s. I probably do not have to use AIP installation procedure