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    Dateformatter and CurrencyFormatter in fr_FR localization

    Flex Rock Level 1


           I am trying to implement localization dynamicaly. When i tried everything id working fine in en_US. When i tried in fr_FR date and amount are not displayed. Instead they are seen as empty.

      Ex :

      <mx:DateFormatter id="replayDateFormatter" formatString="MMM DD, YYYY"/>

      It works fine in en_US but doesn't work in fr_FR


      <mx:CurrencyFormatter id="usdFormatter" currencySymbol="$" precision="2" decimalSeparatorFrom="." decimalSeparatorTo="." useThousandsSeparator="true" alignSymbol="left"/>

      Works fine in en_US but doesn't work in fr_FR

      I am using resource swfs to load the localized text dynamicaly.