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    AE cs5.5 does not support .mts but cs5 does!

    cjacs987654 Level 1



      I am using cs5.5 production premium - trail 30 days version


      In after effects I start a new project then go to import a .mts file. Adobe complains that this file is either damaged or not supported.


      I immediately exit AE cs5.5, go to AE cs5 and import file with no problem!


      Why does cs5.5 not support mts files ?




      Chris Anderson

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Why does cs5.5 not support mts files ?


          It does, but MPEG stuff never worked in trial versions. That has never been any different. In theory these limitations have been lifted in CS5.5, but you still get yoursrelf in a pinch here: Because you have CS5 on the system, the CoDecs cannot differntiate between the two versions and are tied to the serialized version still. So basicalyl to get this working you would have to deactivate CS5 and possibly reinstall the CS5.5 trial to unlock the CoDecs there. On the other hand, this might again pose a problem if you then attempt to activate CS5 again and nothing works there... So in a way, it's a lose-lose proposition for you. If you feel adventurous, feel free to try (and yeah, I know it sucks). Otehrwise you should be able to perfectly gauge new features liek the warp Stabilizer using a converted Quicktime movie just as well...



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            cjacs987654 Level 1

            Hi  Mylenium


            Many thanks for your reply.


            Yet another 'feature' that does not work on the triall despite adobe chat staff saying that the trial is not limited in any way apart from the 30 days.


            I wanted to test the warp stabilser with my own mts footage


            How are you supposed to test a trail version with a view to purchase if bits dont work!


            I am 50/50 whether to upgrade, things like this turn me off.


            Come on Adobe - get this fixed please















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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You could always transcode your footage. For Adobe to include the codecs and other features that are not activated with the trial would require renegotiating the contracts with the folks that license their products to Adobe. It's not just a matter if intentionally turning off a feature.