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    Physics Math Applets


      Hi Members

      Is it possible to create physics maths applets in flash?Check out this below link


      The applets in the given link are java applets. I want to create it  fast i.e, as soon as possible. My client needs it very urgent.I don’t know java may be java has some  available mathematical classes and we can create it as fast as possible.  But is there any external classes available for flash so that I can  make it fast.. Is there any tuts available…I want exactly same applets  in flash…Is there a way I can use java codes …. Please help me!!

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          there are as2 and as3 physics classes available (use google to search) but i don't know if any have all the physics required for all those simulations.


          and yes, if you know the java code for a simulation, it would be easy to translate to as2 or as3.