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    How do i make a flash newspaper?


      Hey what i am trying to do is make a flash newspaper so that when a button is clicked on the newspaper opens and on the newspaper there is multiple button that navigate to different pages. I understand how to get the newpaper to open when a button is clicked but im confused on what script to use to change pages etc.


      I believe i should be using Action Script 2 but im nto enitrley sure


      Thanks for the help.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are numerous ways you could approach designing this, and understanding some basic Flash concepts can get you there.  You could make each page as a new frame of content along the timeline, or you could make each a movieclip which you control the visibility of, or each page could be a separate Flash file, or the pages could be created dynamically using data resources, etc...


          As far as the coding goes, you could use any version of Actionscript to accomplish this, but if you are not at all familiar with Flash, you would be doing yourself one better to try to learn what is current... AS3..


          You should start learning Flash so that you can get what you want.  Visit Lynda.com and try some of the tutorials or sign up for a class at some nearby school.