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    Adobe output central pro conversion to LiveCycle Output for fax processing


      We have a fax process running in output central that we'd like to replace with LiveCycle.  The way the process currently works is we receive a parameter file (we can convert to XML) that is read in by central which creates the fax based on the data in the parameter file (the parameter file has all the data to fill in the fax template).  Central then puts the ready to fax file in a directory that our vsi-fax server picks up and faxes.


      My question is - what tools do I need to develop a new template, and once I have the template - how do I setup LiveCycle so it grabs the XML file from a directory - transforms the XML to PDF using a template - then place the PDF in the directory that vsi-fax will pick it up and send it.


      This is an old process we are currenly using - it just works and no one knows how it was originally setup.  We'd like to upgrade to LiveCycle and perhaps in the future also be able to e-mail the PDFs that we're currenly faxing.


      If you could let me know which tools and products I'd need, and where a good place is to learn about how to set this up - I'd apprecite it.