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    HELP my imported SWF

    le_mac_man Level 1

      I have created an animation of a superman like character flying with the animation being his cape flapping, his eye moving occasionally, and he moves up and down slightly to imitate the movement of flight.


      I exported that animation as a SWF movie.


      I then opened a new document and then imported that SWF file into the library to use, but when I place it on the stage, the functionality doesn't work. The only animation that has carried over from the original file is the cape flapping. The moving eye doesn't work, and he doesn't move up and down anymore.


      I'm quite new to animation in flash, so maybe I'm exporting and importing too many times or something, or I'm just not going about it the right way.


      Should multiple animations be done in the same document? or should they be done individually and then all imported into a new document where they all come together?


      All help and advice most welcome.


      Thank you.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          While it can depend on how you made the animations, in general, it is not a good idea to "import" an SWF into an fla, mainly because any actionscript involved with the animation is dropped.  The correct way to bring content from one Flash file into another Flash file is to copy the timeline and paste it into the new file, either as the main timeline or as the timeline of a movieclip.

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            le_mac_man Level 1

            I have copied all the layers from the original FLA file into my new FLA file but not all the animations are working, the flapping cape works, but the up and down movement and the eye moving doesn't work.

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              How are the animations done?  What process did you follow to copy the layers into your other file?

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                le_mac_man Level 1

                First of all I done all the artwork in Illustrator, then I imported the pieces into Flash and set them in position, putting on seperate layers the parts that were to to move, eg. the pupil in the eye moving within the eyeball.


                For the cape, I had done what you said not to do, but it's the only thing that's working, ironically. I made the flapping cape animation in a separate flash document using 5 different images and changing to each along the timeline every 1 second. I then exported the flapping cape as a SWF movie and then imported it into the flash file where the body of the character was and positioned it where it should be.


                The eyeball moving occasionally was done using a motion tween, as was the gentle moving up and down of the man flying.


                Then I exported ALL that as another SWF movie so that it was one animation (which actually included 3 different animations. 2 done in the document, and one imported SWF), but it's only the flapping cape that continues to work even if I copy all the layers across instead of importing the SWF.


                I know that all sounds a bit of a mess to people who know how it should be done, but I'm a bit lost at the moment as I'm not sure which steps I should be taking and in which order.



                Thanks for your help with this.

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                  Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  What I would recommend is that you work in just one file... do not import other swf files.  Build each animation as a movieclip within that one file.  Then place all the movieclips on the timeline together and they should all play while occupying only one frame of the main timeline.  You can divide them onto separate layers for easier access/referrence, but to avoid unnecessary complication, it is better that you learn to work within one file instead of building pieceparts as separate files.

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                    le_mac_man Level 1

                    How do I build each animation as a movieclip?


                    If I have something moving on one layer and then highlight that layer and convert to symbol, choosing Movieclip as the type, the clip just stays as one frame, there is no animation when I place that Movieclip file on the timeline.


                    Also, if I have 2 .fla files open, when I highlight the layers in one document and copy and then paste it into the other document, not all the animations carry over.


                    What am I doing wrong?

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                      Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      To copy a timeline into another file or into a movieclip, first select all the frames you intend to copy.  Then right click the selection and choose Copy Frames.  Then go to the empty timeline of the MovieClip, select the keyframe in its only layer, right click the selected frame and choose Paste Frames.  The layers and frames that were copied will fill out as they were in the original timeline.

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                        le_mac_man Level 1

                        "the empty timeline of the MovieClip"?


                        Is this just the normal timeline that appears when you begin with any new document?? Where does the movie clip part come in?  is it different than the timeline of a regular layer?


                        Sorry for the possible silly questions, but I need to learn! :-)


                        Thank you.

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                          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          To create a new movieclip you select Insert -> New Symbol -> MovieClip

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