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    Text-wrap problem: text is wrapping where there is no object

    H van der Laan

      In a document I made different Masterpages. One of the masterpages (A) has a image at the left side in a text column. The text is wrapping around this image.

      Another Master-page is based on this A-masterpage, but with Ctrl+Shift+Click I removed the image - since this image is only needed on the title page.


      But now, although there is no image/object anymore, the text keeps wrapping around the not-existing-object.

      There is also no hidden object in a deeper layer or such.

      The only way to solve this for me now is to check 'Ignore Text Wrap' under Text Frame Options (Ctlr+B)

      But that's isn't the solution, since there are some other pictures in the text which need Text-Wrap.


      How can I solve this?

      Why is my text wrapping around something which doesn't exist anymore.