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    MVC coding - apply transitions etc. to UI components


      Hi maybe someone can help

      me to solve this this problem for me.  As I'm quite new to Flex I
      did the tutorials and looked at the code sampels but can not work out

      the code to apply transitions or effects to a UI such as a button or panel that is not stored

      in the main file.

      For example :


      <s:Fade target="{login}"/>


      works fine if the UI components with ID is within the same file.


      However if the UI component is stored in Components.LoginForm.


      I tried  <s:Fade target="{components.LoginForm.login}"/> but had no sucess.


      Looking through all the sample codes did hep to find any sample where the UI component i in a different file and action is somewhere else.


      My particular approach was for a login to a SQL Databases.


      Login state  call to UI  Login panel  - Dispatch event back to Main File


          MainFile   HTTPService  -> call to PHP -> Mysql

                           Login Fail  ->  execute Shake from main File to UI file

                           Login succes -> swithc state and fade Login panel from the UI component.


      thanks for any coding hints.