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    InDesign text to editable Photoshop text

    dmtetard Level 1

      Is it possible to make a script that copies InDesign text to editable Photoshop text?



      I wireframe websites in InDesign.

      With a script (from rob day, can be found this forum) i export the design to a layered psd, and slice it.

      Offcourse all text becomes rasterized.

      Now we try to improve our workflow with Sitegrinder (http://www.medialab.com/), which produces nice css styled text from a psd text layer.



      Well, i'm no scripter but i guess something like this:

      1. Give textframe a fill so a visible frame can be exported to a temp photoshop layer, make a new photoshop text layer with these dimensions and position of the temp layer and delete the temp layer.

      2. Copy the text from indesign, remember font, size, text color, alignment...)

      3. Paste it into the photoshop text frame, and apply the remembered font, size, text color,...


      I'm aware this won't give a 100% perfectly styled copy of the text, but that's not my goal.


      Btw i'm not asking to actually make the script, i just want to know if this would be possible?

      (if so, we'll pay someone to make the script when we need it)