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    Access to local database


      I already posted this question in "LiveCycle Designer ES" but I didn't get any response. So, I am posting it here. Be patient.


      Hi All,

      I am having issue connecting to the local database from the Adobe Form.


      Here is the code that I have to open the connection:



      // Search for sourceSet node which matchs the DataConnection name

      var nIndex = 0;

      while(xfa.sourceSet.nodes.item(nIndex).name != sDataConnectionName)




      var oDB = xfa.sourceSet.nodes.item(nIndex);

      xfa.host.messageBox("Check 1: "+xfa.sourceSet.nodes.item(nIndex).name);   // I am getting the DSN name that I created.

      oDB.open();                                                                                           // I am getting the below message. Once I click "Yes". It is just opening the Form.

      xfa.host.messageBox("Check 2: "+xfa.sourceSet.nodes.item(nIndex).name);       //  I am NOT getting this message.


      Your help is appreciated.
      Thanks in advance,



      Trying to connect.GIF