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    Inline PDF printing blank in Internet Explorer 8 (or Firefox)


      I have an application in which I have several PDF graphs within an iframe.  They appear fine within the page, but when I print the page they are displaying blank.  I can print the graphs individually from within the PDF but I need to be able to print the entire page.  I am currently using Adobe Reader 8.1.2 and Internet Explorer 8.  They are also printing blank within Firefox.  I cannot simply upgrade to a different browser or upgrade the Adobe Reader version as this is currently a COE standard.  It also doesn't matter whether I have the PDF embedded within an iframe or an object tag.


      I have written a javascript function in which I can loop through and get all of the PDF from the iFrames and print them but this causes the print spooler to hang sometimes and is not a recommended workaround as it also requires the user to click the print button in the print dialog box several times.

      I really need a solution that will allow the PDF to print properly from File | Print.


      Quite frankly, I would really prefer a different format than PDF, altogether since it is so flakey.  The acroRD32.exe process hangs sometimes as well telling me that I have exceeded the maximum number of PDFs.  But it appears that I may be stuck with it for the time being.


      Has anyone experienced this?  Any suggestions or workarounds are greatly appreciated!