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    Need Help With VERY Basic Learning

    Brozufil Level 1

      Hi, sorry I'm very new to AE, I've got a lot of experience on Premiere Pro and Audition, though.

      The thing is AE is REALLY really different and I have no clue how to do some basic stuff in it (AE CS5.5)


      I downloaded and searched a few tutorials, but they are quite advance.


      Anyway:  I'm trying to learn some basics such as cutting or changing size, Example:  I made text, added an effect to it, but the things is, the effect is like 3 minutes away from the beginning, I would like to cut the 3 seconds of footage with effects and... paste it on a new clip?  Or change the duration of text without loosing any of it's effects (if I added more than 2 effects in it) instead of the entire composition.


      Sorry I'm new and this is all too complicated, where can I find basic information about CS5.5 ? YouTube is cluttered with the CS4 or CS3   :/


      Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it