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    Adding a user pause button in PDF Full screen slideshow.

    Steve Meredith

      I have the following code in Document javascript and it works beautifully.


      What the client wants is the ability for the user to PAUSE the auto-advancing.  Can't seem to see a command to do so, or I'm not familiar with the nomenclature.  Anyone?




      app.fs.backgroundColor = color.ltgray;    //Background in excess of slide will be light gray

      app.fs.timeDelay = 10;            // Delay 10 seconds

      app.fs.useTimer = true;            // Activate automatic page turning

      app.fs.usePageTiming = true;        // Allow page override

      app.fs.isFullScreen = true;        // Go into full screen

      app.fs.defaultTransition = "UncoverDown";    // Transition type down page

      app.fs.loop = true;    // Slideshow loops

      app.fs.cursor = cursor.delay;    // Cursor appears, then vanishes